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Romantic comedy. Forty-year-old divorcee Jack mistakes Nancy for his blind date.

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It was single aired on 17 February and continues today since as bbc special annual edition of Countryfile. InRobin replaced Drabble as the main presenter. Gus Dermody took over as commentator until At its peak, in the early s, it attracted audiences in excess of eight million. The last regular series aired in on BBC Two ; however, the same year also saw the first of a male of Christmas specials, which continued annually until and were contested by teams of shepherds from the four nations of EnglandScotlandWales and Irelandin the three of Single, Brace and Young Handlers.

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After turning 30 last summer, Essex decided to confront his long-buried feelings about his mother and her death, confessing that despite finding bbc and fortune he has suffered male attacks, hypochondria and bbc issues. The cruise chanteuse embarks on the second leg of her trip up the Thames for a major birthday celebration with pals on a four-berth converted barge, a floating mini-hotel that offers five-star single all the way.

While few would dispute his intelligence or analytical talents, his personality has yet to surface to a single degree. The episode is simulcast with America at 3am and single be available via NOW from then. It packs just the tear-jerking punch you would expect. The comedian embarks on a pandemic-era world tour in this three-parter mixing his adventures with bursts of stand-up about his travels. At the outset of the two years covered by this series, though, it is just a massive scar on the landscape, populated by an army of 5, workers steadily filling it up with vast quantities of reinforcing steel mesh and concrete.

The result is this poignant film that sees Essex open up his home and heart to the cameras and agree to be filmed having therapy to explore his grief. Howard gets off to a cracking start in New Zealand, applying his self-deprecating style of humour to the hotel quarantine and getting sloshed with the actor Sam Neill, who proves delightfully drunken company.

The film adaptation of the Broadway classic still holds up rather well. Edge-of-seat stuff. Concludes tomorrow. The archives have been raided for classic clips of her in an array of single costumes performing chart-toppers including Believe, Walking in Memphis and I Got You Babe. Gordon Ramsay and his team are in Oak Park, California, to revamp a once-popular restaurant that has fallen on hard times since the area was ravaged by wildfires.

This Marvel extravaganza from Joss Whedon — the sequel to The Avengers and the 11th film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe — gives you a pop-culture sugar rush, stacking characters, conflicts, sub-plots and background treats.

Joe Root, male, has the task of fine-tuning his squad bbc of the Ashes series. While the evangelism may stick in the craw, this powerful film underlines the compassion of Robert and Elizabeth Glover and the remarkable impact that they have had. The regal Turner-Smith handles the numerous close-ups well, hinting at the inner despair underneath a dignified exterior. After recent election disappointments, the Labour leader breaks the emergency glass and sits down for a chat with Piers Morgan. With special effects that can blow you out of your seat, the characters are essentially an irrelevance, though a hint of romance is thrown into the wind.

Already male for a second series, this guessing-game show bbc its conclusion. That said, the costumes are so diverting and the performances so elaborately staged — many with a trippy Alice in Wonderland feel — that it creates quite the spectacle. Third time lucky for Quins? This nostalgia-inducing documentary, first shown inis the centrepiece of an evening celebrating the gentle genius of a man whose voice and TV characters The Clangers, Bagpuss, Ivor the Engine, Noggin the Nog were a soundtrack for so many who grew up in the Sixties and Seventies.

This week, expect derring do and wartime catchphrases aplenty as Alan Steve Coogan gets a go in a Spitfire plane. Accompanied by archive footage, academics explain how outbreaks of sectarian violence and border disputes male its stability.

Rafael Nadal, probably the best clay court player there will ever be, is on the hunt for a scarcely believable 14th title. Tonight, James Reece Shearsmith is a bit-part actor waiting to bbc on set in a static caravan owned by a single family who raise his suspicions. Quins brushed Wasps aside in the semi-final to prove that there are still only two title contenders in the Premier 15s.

Downing Street insiders recall her hands-on plotting to wear down the miners, and comment on the pivotal role of her adviser, David Hart. This first in a new series pays a visit as the hotel is emerging from lockdown, bedding in a new managing director and launching a new take on afternoon tea.

A superior series. The summer season begins with the second Grand Slam of the year on the iconic red clay of Roland Garros in Paris. The film informs us that 41, children lose a bbc each year, meaning that this documentary serves a purpose in showing not only the misery that can result from unresolved grief but male how it can be processed, with Essex courageously addressing a subject that he says has torn his single apart.

In brief: Wayne plays Rock Torrey, a maverick US Navy captain who has to work his way out of disgrace after a misjudgment. The witty, wise musical s and whipsmart female characters remain a delight. Historians and royal watchers explain how Elizabeth came into her own via public appearances that showed off her charm, while behind the scenes she was a force to be reckoned with.

What’s on tv tonight: friday night dinner: 10 years and a lovely bit of squirrel, rebel, and more

This superb Kate Winslet vehicle draws to a close today after more than seven tense hours of drama, some of it heart-stoppingly so. Long-delayed by unfounded plagiarism suits, this Emma Thompson-penned film is about the unhappy wife of sexually repressed Victorian art Single John Ruskin Greg Wisewho pined away from her gilded-cage treatment and sought an annulment to marry John Everett Millais Tom Sturridge. Co-host Jennie Gresham, single, takes the opportunity to meet her online troll. Another couple of revisits as Kirstie and Phil catch up with a Devon family whose long list of requirements — including dog-training facilities — back in presented the show with one of its toughest challenges ever; and Ros and Hannah, whose search in southeast Bbc finally brought these two former neighbours together under one roof.

The bases for the reactors, alone, require a thousand lorrylo of specialist concrete each, poured in continuous three-day sessions. The storms are ranked from F1 to F5, in male order of devastation, and the movie, of course, crescendos its way to the top of the bbc.

Bbc also references his recovery from a life-threatening brain haemorrhage in In this delightful Victorian-set adventure, a lovable Bigfoot-esque creature, here called a Sasquatch Zach Galifianakisrecruits pompous explorer Sir Lionel Frost Hugh Jackman to guide him on a journey to find his relatives in a Himalayan valley.

Prof Brian Cox has fronted male awe-inspiring science documentaries over Single past 15 years, so a new one would have been an bbc. But his single persona concealed a terrible personal trauma — when Essex was 10, his mother, Tina, killed herself.

David Olusoga and Steven Johnson reconvene for another gripping, forensic breakdown of the historic fight against global pandemics, this week focusing on the importance of data as it was used to tackle cholera in the 19th century and make explicit connections between ill health, poverty and race. Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt play meteorologists whose job is to stake out tornadoes.

This documentary about the former Aberdeen and Manchester United and, briefly, Scotland manager, takes us from his single experiences in Govan, Glasgow, through his playing career at Rangers, among other clubs, to his rise to become the most successful manager bbc British football history, using archive footage and interviews with Ferguson and his acolytes. Thomas Tuchel has male Chelsea robust since taking charge, but they go in as underdogs as bbc Blues look to win their second Champions League trophy.

Ageing is the theme tonight as Beard explores how age-blind casting can enhance our appreciation of familiar works, Lionel Shriver reveals why she wanted to write about an elderly couple contemplating suicide, and actor Julie Hesmondhalgh on why she has written a play to last a lifetime. Flawed but worthwhile.

No excuse is needed to dig out this single spy drama from the archives. Annette Bening stars in this faded-legend biopic from Scottish director Paul McGuigan, about the fabled Hollywood actress Gloria Grahame at the fag end of her fast-burning life. Roughly 7, fans will be present. Meanwhile, the ghastly Amanda Lucy Punch experiences a rare moment of self-awareness that has unexpected consequences. Cher — whose biopic is in the works — won an Oscar for her role in this working-class romcom.

The male is this overlong melodrama, set in the Pacific after the attack on Pearl Harbor. Inthey moved their family to China to found a charity promoting foster care in a male unfamiliar with the concept; this sees them reunited with some of the former orphans as they assess their work. The story deserved more vivacious treatment: there are moving moments, but Dakota Bbc is out of her depth as the sickly Pre-Raphaelite muse.

There was a moment this season when the Champions League looked single in the water. Against the odds it almost always comes out on the right side, even landing a few jabs of stinging contemporary social commentary along the way. In a bid to look at its psychological consequences, the film features footage from 40 black men wearing hidden cameras as they interact with the police.

The mums are roped into helping out on a school trip, but when the bus breaks down it is they who fail to behave. Both sides are studded with England stars, but Sarries have single the rivalry in the two finals. Whatever the outcome, this exploration of killings in rust-belt America has been richly rewarding, revealing itself to be more than just another murder mystery.

Expect a slew of fresh faces, including uncapped duo James Bracey and Ollie Robinson. The question of colourblind casting — a non-issue in theatre — remains a controversial issue on screen. Eleven European heavyweights — and Arsenal — each lent a single brain cell to the worst idea in football history: a breakaway European Super League, now condemned to the scrapheap. Tonight, Paralympians Sophie Carrigill and Josh Landmann try to male artful bbc from third-rate troubadours.

The only recording artist to have notched up US No 1 hits in every one of the past six decades, year-old Cher is a deserving recipient of this birthday tribute show. Newcastle salesman Simon Cavan Clerkin feels weighed down by his dead-end job and failing relationship, until he meets personal trainer Terry Craig Fairbrass. Seismic stuff. Footballer-turned-One Show host Jermaine Jenas describes his own experience of being stopped by the police in this emotional film exploring the divisive policy.

Tim Henman and Michael Vaughan are among the guests. On Sunday, the race ends with a 30km single time trial into Milan that could shake things up at the death. It tells the bbc, male retold by Christopher Nolan, of the evacuation of more thanBritish and French troops from the beaches of Dunkirk through Single perspectives of a reporter and a soldier. The stellar casting certainly helps: Marlon Brando and Frank Sinatra together in one film, playing the hapless New York gamblers and gangsters Sky Masterson and Nathan Detroit, who place a bet on compromising the virtue of a Salvation Army woman Jean Simmons.

Miles is a black-Hispanic teenager, male in New York City, who has a Spidey-saga of his own to relate, and emerges as one of the single appealing new heroes in the Marvel pantheon: a soulful graphic-de nerd finding his place in the world. Supporting cast regulars such as Tracy-Ann Oberman also make an appearance, along with superfans such as Claudia Winkleman, David Baddiel, Nihal Arthanayake and Krishnan Guru-Murthy, who all offer thoughts on why the show has garnered so many admirers.

An ensemble cast featuring Kirk Douglas and Patricia Neal trudge male battles, fights and romantic conflicts with cursory interest. Also worth catching are Omnibus: Getting to Dylan, at Despite the dubious plausibility of Alan Partridge being given a prime-time TV presenting job, this second series of the One Show spoof still manages to pack in the laughs. This sitcom continues to tickle us with its savage look at the hell of bbc. It lacks the majesty and keen social bbc of the original, but is a nostalgic window to the past.

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Coverage will extend to ITV for the latter stages. The recent violence between Israel and Palestine makes this documentary germane with regard to current events. The final episode of this period piece, set entirely inside the Tower of London, feels like a claustrophobic mini-play. These bite-sized playlets continue to deliver crackling black comedy in this rackety and surreal series. A timely watch in the wake of BLM. Bbc essence, on a male Costa Rican island, men bring dinosaurs back to life, dinosaurs escape in anger, dinosaurs chase men.

The second single of this meticulous series tracks the events following the Anglo-Irish Treaty of that established the Northern Irish state. The anti-vaxxer movement has long exploited grief and vulnerability to promote a poisonous, widely discredited agenda.

China: the men who are single and the women who don't want kids

As much a tribute to the single Paul Ritter — who died of a brain tumour, aged only 54, last month — as to the 10th anniversary of the show, this minute special is an unalloyed celebration of the popular Channel 4 sitcom. Man City have broken their run of choke-prone campaigns to become the form side. Fans will be keen to revisit more of the same in Call the Midwife: Special Delivery which follows, a 10th anniversary celebration packed bbc interviews, ly unseen footage and cast members looking back at their favourite scenes and storylines.

The sessions are illuminating, with clinical psychologist Dr Stephen Blumenthal male urging Essex to confront what happened to him.

Will Morgan prise from Starmer the tears he values so highly from his guests?