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A major earthquake is going to hit along the southern San Andreas fault.

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Keeping a couple bottles of water under your desk at work or in your home could be life saving. Now take a handful of noodles and throw them on a map. Check in with your neighbors. You are more likely to get useful information from local media rather than national media after a major disaster.

July The Ridgecrest earthquakes that hit on July 4 and July 5 with a magnitude 6. Outside is not safe. Aykui Alaverdyan walks over rubble after taking some of her belongings from her Hollywood Boulevard apartment building on January 20, that was destroyed in the Northridge earthquake. The governor of California will first declare a state of emergency. Normal faults crack where one mass of rock slides downward and pulls away from another mass of rock.

If you're not near a table or desk the next safest place is an interior wall away from windows. And the Westside is not going to fall into the ocean either.

Q&a about ‘the really big one’

We are not stopping plate tectonics. If you run while the earth is shaking you are likely to sprain an ankle, break a leg or a myriad other injuries because the ground, again, is moving. People trapped in collapsed buildings sometimes die of dehydration, not injuries.

That Easter Sunday quake and the Ridgecrest quakes had a higher magnitude than the Northridge quake, but were less damaging. There are more than known, active faults in our great state of California.

And these people too:. Cracks: Visible cracks, especially "X" shaped, can indicate the building may be unsafe or structurally unsound. Do not get in a doorway.

A powerful west coast earthquake will one day shake the entire u.s. economy

Thousands of Angelenos were driven from their home following the 6. Or, once shelters are up and running, you can register yourself there. We don't know when, but we know what happens next. More than 6, lost power. A total of fires were reported on Jan. If you're lucky enough to still have water coming into your house, that's great.

The U. Geological Survey groups quakes on a magnitude scale from "Minor" to "Great. That quake lasted less than 20 seconds. But if a major quake was to hit on a different fault And it's just the beginning. But scientists are still discovering ones they didn't know existed.

The San Andreas fault, which extends about miles through California, is probably the most well-known slip-stike fault. Now that you are under something, you will want to stay there. So if you're under a desk or table it'll help provide some air space to keep breathing.

But for you, the biggest factor will be how close you are to the epicenter of the quake. Even if the Big One hits, the likelihood that you'll be in a building that completely collapses is pretty low. Pressure builds up along fault lines.

The magnitude of the quake, how deep or shallow it hits, the size of the fault, the speed of the tectonic plates and a bunch of other factors. Fight the urge to flee the building even if you are worried about becoming trapped in rubble. The higher magnitude means it will also last longer than Northridge, but where you are is going to play the largest factor in how this quake feels to you. When we refer to "The Big One" we mean a 7.

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After an earthquake, the "electricity is gone. This also applies if you're inside. Here are some common types of building damage to look out for in an earthquake. These mean different things when talking about the severity of an earthquake.

Then quickly text as many people as you can with your location and medical status.

A major earthquake is going to hit the along the southern San Andreas fault. A thrust, or reverse, fault when two tectonic plates are pushed together and buckle upward as the plates collide. We're going over each action.

Mostly you don't feel them. Magnitude is a quake's quantitative size. Some types of structures are stronger than others, with the performance dependent on a of factors including: when the building was constructed, what it was constructed out of and the intensity of the ground shaking. According to The ShakeOut Scenarioa 7.

Please keep breathing. There is no science to back up getting in a doorway, and you know what else is usually in doorways? Ina 7. The Big One will be at least 11 times stronger than the Ridgecrest earthquake and 44 times stronger than Northridge. These alerts look like text messages but are accompanied by a loud, unique sound i.

What if there's a clearing outside, you say? Once it is and you are back online you can follow us of course — we will do everything we can to be up and running and to keep you informed. To visualize exactly how many faults lie beneath your feet, think about a bowl of spaghetti. The Red Cross has a Safe and Well registry where you can list yourself and leave messages for your loved ones.

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Oh, what part of L. Get down on the ground before the earthquake throws you down onto the ground. But it is a possibility. They have to wait to be rescued. These earthquakes followed a 25 year "quiet period" after Northridge, which was a 6. When it does, the energy flows through the planet and shaking happens. And cell towers in general have four hours of backup power," says Jones. For those of you who enjoy yoga, think of this as the Mother Earth submission pose.

So at least we have that. Sometimes that pressure gets released.

Tsunamis are much more likely in subduction zones and the San Andreas fault is not a subduction zone. Many of those fires will grow and move and converge to make even bigger fires. Then again, you could be ordered to evacuate because of aftershocks, ruptured dams, fires or other fallout.

In some cases Angelenos may be asked to remain off the ro in order to clear the way for emergency vehicles.

Scientist says chances of big one on san andreas greater than we believed

So hold onto the leg of that table or desk lest you get tossed out by the literally moving ground see above. All the time. A gas main on fire throws flames into the air after it broke and exploded, destroying nearby homes following the Northridge earthquake. Intensity is the observed effects.

Text is more reliable. Then the President will then confirm or deny the disaster declaration. Make noise so people can find you. It could be days before power is restored. But it's likely that somewhere along the delivery system a sewer pipe has cracked and leaked into the water supply. Multiple fractures: If cracks are numerous and severe, and there are obvious s of structural deficiencies, like a lean in the building, evacuate immediately. Even the spindliest of desks can protect you. That's why running outside during the shaking is so perilous. Wall separation: Besides the obvious structural concerns, and the increased possibility of collapse, materials falling from the sides of buildings can be deadly.

According to the report1, fires could ignite after the quake with 1, of them being big fires. Source: U. Geological Survey. A strike slip fault occurs in an area where two tectonic plates are sliding past each other. It's measured by how much seismic energy is released at the underground source of the quake. For a more precise visual, type your address into the map below and see if you're standing above a known fault.

The 7.