Privacy Policy

Our controls all our types of user information and  This privacy policy applies to all sites and products. It is our right that we bring absolutely unique content for our users and make them aware of good information. We are also committed to their personal information that we maintain them. Following are the information related to collecting :-

1. When Users come to our site, We can get them filled the application form.
2. We can also subscribe to a newsletter from users.
3. Any interested and non-interested users can also come on our site.
4. We can also ask our users to fill in their name email address and User survey answers can also be taken.

Whenever Users interact on our site, We can collect information related to their non-personal information such as internet, computer and browser.

The Users are not forced to give information about their personal identity. They can voluntarily submit their information to us, But Most of  Users do not share this type of information. They always keep their identity information with them, They feel that giving this type of information can be a problem for their own.


Our site may use "cookies" to boost the morale of the users keeping in mind all their information. Keeping the records of their web browser, place the cookies on the hard drive and track their information. If cookies are reject, this then can choose their browser to be alert.

Our site displays all advertisements, Whether those advertisements are displayed from advertising partners or directly from advertisers. Advertising partners may also use cookies that they can advertise to users on our site internet and other sites. Cookies use non-personal information for identification. And cookies do not track personal information about you such as your name, email, address, etc.

How can we use collected information ?

1. We can choose to improve your services and products by using your feedback and we can use the email address to send updates related to email.
2. We can make our customer more efficient and alert through the information received from you.
3. If needed, we can also use this information to visit our site and how they use our resources and services.

We protect your personal information

We protect high data collection adopts storage and processing practices to protect your personal information.

Change this privacy policy

If any kind of confidential policy in AS Hindi Shayari is updated, We will post a notice on the main page on doing so. We encourage users to boost their morale that how do we help with their personal information. It is agreed that it is your responsibility to disclose the provacy policy and getting information.

Contacting us

If you have any kind of question related to our side then you can contact