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Single lady mom support for Newly

You might feel like you should be able to cope on your own.

Newly Single Mom Seeking Support

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On the other hand, you might feel relieved, hopeful or excited about your new life. These choices will make a big difference to how you feel.

But easier? Be kind to yourself and acknowledge your progress whenever you can. Here are some suggestions to help you get through the first days and weeks. To start with, it might be enough just to get by, doing what needs to be done and dealing with your emotions.

You can also choose to surround yourself with positive and supportive people.

18 single mom survival tips from other single moms

The early days can bring up all kinds of strong emotions. Four years on, I am a hundred times stronger and no regrets. Develop new goals for yourself and your child and gradually work towards them. Take time to adjust It takes time to get used to big changes, so give yourself time to work through your feelings.

Divorced, separated & single parent classic articles

I had spent so long walking on eggshells. And of course, children constantly grow and their needs change. For example, you can choose to behave well, even if your former partner behaves badly. The challenges of being a single parent change over time. Save your energy to tackle the things you can influence.

Tips for the early days of single parenting

You might be dealing with the reality of single parenting, or the challenges of co-parenting as you and your former partner adjust to the new situation. For example, you might be good at soothing your baby, you might have worked out good routines in the past, or you might know when to ask for support.

Reach out for support Your family and friends can be lifelines. I must admit it was just such a relief when I left. Hard work? You could also meet other single parents and share ideas and experiences by ing an online or a face-to-face support group.

Or you might be able to put off some big decisions until things become clearer — for example, moving house. My children and I are very conscious of the benefits of a happy home life. And whatever your circumstances, the feeling of loss might be part of your experience.

Some newly single parents say they feel liberated from the conflict and stress of negotiating with a partner. I did grieve in the early days of separation, but got over it when I moved into my own home and established an independent life with my children. These are all things to be proud of.

Get control of your finances

You can choose to look after yourself and stay healthy. This is normal.

You might feel anger, sadness, frustration, fear, shock, guilt, regret, shame and grief. Focus on what you can control Some things will be outside your control, like what happens when your child is with your former partner.