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By Erin Enders Feb.

Nerdy Passionate Artist Looking For Equal

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If you are reading this, chances are you might be a geek.

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There seems to be a trend of using the words nerd and geek as self-descriptors.

Do you agree with my position on geek, nerd, and similar terms? And documents like A Framework for K12 Science Education make the conversation about "there is no such thing as a scientific method" a lively and engaging one, that with the confidence I did not always possess back in the day, I can help other educators see the impact of the words they use with their students in supporting their learning. These are the messages contained in these words.

Nerdy girl meaning

Posted 3 years and 8 months ago. They were proud to wear the shirts and own the identity of being a geek, which for them was positive in their after-school program. By using words like these, are we not shaming those interested in learning? Linda Kekelis. These words, and their use, serve to stigmatize qualities that we should, rather, laud. Jen Gutierrez.

Meg Draeger. And, if you are interested in learning, you should hide that fact. Keep being yourself.

The process of becoming a geek

I also have found references that say geeks don't have to be smart, just interested in a particular topic, and also that the term geek is not pejorative when used by an insider. Cary Sneider. I read a great article, What's in a Word? There are a of programs, organizations and books that use these terms. They imply a limited-membership club. Items per 5 10 20 50 All. Yes, I agree This site uses cookies.

These definitions suggest someone who is intelligent. Sort By Date. Hi, Laura, Thanks so much for your fabulous blog.

I am much more aware of my use of prove or proof when discussing scientific concepts. I will probably not use "nerd" or "geek" like I once did, even though to me it will always be a compliment, because now I know that it means different things to different people. Posted Friday, September 8, at AM. I am known for being pretty sensitive about some things. What do these terms mean and what are their impact?

Add a Link. When I have protested this practice, I have been told several things by people who use them. The program is for non-traditional undergraduate and graduate students in STEM fields. It's about making a more diverse STEM workforce.

Real geek girls: illustrator and comic artist jenn st-onge

One is that, by claiming them, and being proud, we change their meaning, making the words less powerful. We have no trouble celebrating athletic qualities or physical beauty. In my research at Techbridge Girls, I heard girls use these terms to describe people they imagined working in engineering and technology.

Words as everyday as "prove" and "proof" and yes, "scientific method", are used in science lessons every day all over the U. We also know these words won't support our students in their efforts to truly experience all that science has to offer. See, for example, Nerd Girls. On the flip side, I also heard girls embrace the terms geek and nerd. Notify on new posts.

Good for you! Keep up the good work.

One year a group of Techbridge Girls created t-shirts for themselves. What words do you think best describe a young person who is passionate about STEM or engineering? From this I conclude that intelligence is something to be discounted.

And yet, often, stereotypes suggest that those qualities cannot overlap with intelligence. But the words we chose have an incredible impact. The urban dictionary defines a nerd as "someone whose IQ exceeds his weight.

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Geek, nerd. And they are pejorative. Keep asking and exploring questions. I disagree.

Geek girls ink’d: artist spotlight: heather maranda

You are courageous, inspired, living with integrity, being true to yourself. I had never thought of the problems involved in labeling ourselves as "geeks" or "nerds," at least not in any conscious way, before reading your blog. One of them is the words we use. Displaying 1 - 4 of 4.

In engineering, that membership is not nearly as diverse, in terms of gender and ethnicity, as most believe is desirable. As a life-long lover of all things science and STEM, but always a tad intimidated to call myself a science teacher I taught the littlesI thought being identified as a "nerd" or "geek" was bestowed upon only those thought to be brilliant.

When we call ourselves geeks or nerds, aren't we saying to those not already "in the club" that they are not welcome unless they are ready to label themselves with a term that is meant to be an insult? What is Engineering De? Share Overview Add a Resource.

The program is all about building community and offering resources like academic counseling and research experience. Along with the terms, girls described engineers and tech workers in these ways--super stressed, working alone inside an office, and likely to be white and male.

Being a geek - my story

I love what Meg D. No words we use should ever exclude anyone, especially a student who is hopefully considering all the possibilities their future holds. I am getting old and with grown children apparently out of the loop too.

Life is not a multiple choice question, nor a simple choose the correct word to fill in the blank, but an open-ended journey. Let me explain. Laura J. Add a Comment Add a Comment. Your comment that we have no trouble celebrating athletic qualities or physical beauty reminds me how much time and effort we spend in high schools on football rallies and electing homecoming kings and queens. How insulting to athletes and actors!