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Startling new findings from research commissioned by Movember reveal that a devastating of men feel friendless. Men over 55 were the most isolated. And while marriage offers lifelong support and companionship, the study shows that married men have some of the lowest levels of support outside the home.

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Most people crave social connection. While social media, endless apps, and new technology promises to connect more people, many people feel lonelier than ever. While isolation can be a trigger for loneliness, loneliness and isolation are not identical. It can have profound implications for health.

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It stemmed mainly from the feeling that their spouse was no longer interested in them and they had fallen to the lonely of the priority list. Men connect with women sexually and a good part of their happiness comes from being sexually active with, and receiving affection from, the woman they love. Men feel the pressure of portraying themselves as strong and stoic, as if nothing bothers them and nothing can penetrate their armor of steel. This Married alone contributed to much of their feelings of isolation.

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These men were not male for threesomes, anal sex, swinging or even oral sex for that matter — they were mainly looking for affection and the feeling that they still had the ability to turn their wife on. So where does this leave men who are married hopeless and isolated? They generally prefer to mull things over in their head, preferably alone, before they make their next move. Heidi Doheny Jay is an author, blogger, TV Host and published columnist who explores the mysteries of life, relationships and what makes men and women tick. Men of all ages feel lonely at times and many feel as lonely they have no one to talk to.

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Older March 15, Ep. It felt to them that the children, their wife, the house, and even the dog had become more important than them. It turns out, according to my research, that men who have been married for several years and have children are the loneliest of them all.

Guys talk about work, sports, politics and attractive women, probably in that order. Let her know just how much her affection means to you and how much you desperately miss the girlfriend you married.

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And while men are more inclined to put their wives happiness first, typically before their own, they felt as though their lives no longer mattered. This of course does not mean that all married men with children are terribly lonely, but the majority that I spoke to felt very lonely and isolated in their marriage.

Meanwhile, men suffer from feelings of seclusion and many of them long for a deeper connection with women, as well as other men. Because I interviewed both married and single men, I was able to see the differences between the two groups.


They tend to go off on their own and figure out the problem in some logical fashion that feels right for them. Countless men told me that once their wives had given birth, everything changed.

You guessed it — no one. The majority of these men had also become accustomed to very sparse sexual encounters with their wives. For him, this was at the heart of his feeling lonely and miserable. In his book, Breaking the Male CodeDr. In my conversations with over men, I noticed this pattern of isolation and loneliness that became apparent the more I spoke to them.