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His current research interests are developing next generation multiphoton systems to study the structure and function of the brain with various biological systems and models spanning from cerebral organoids, to small animals, to humans through their interaction with femtosecond laser pulses for the diagnosis, characterization, and treatment of specific brain disorders to positively impact human mental health. This speaker is a candidate for a faculty position in the Department of Physics, part of the cluster hiring initiative in the BioInspired Institute. Abstract : Two-photon microscopy has become the workhorse of tissue imaging in the life sciences, particularly in neuroscience, where it is used to perform high-resolution, structural and functional brain imaging and stimulation in various biological systems and models. However, two-photon microscopy has severe limitations for deep brain imaging due to absorption and scattering at greater depths, as well as photodamage and toxicity accompanying higher laser power at the brain surface.

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She also volunteered at the Ophthalmic Specialist Clinics in Port Harcourt, assisting nurses with administering visual acuity tests. In addition to her research and academic pursuits, Danagogo has been an active volunteer and aide in the clinical field. This is something she relishes the opportunity to continue in her role as Senior Class Marshal.

Lori Brown, professor of architecture, and director of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the School of Architecture, has….

Hailing from Hilton, New York, Koss is a rising senior in the Whitman School majoring in finance and supply chain management and minoring in information management and technology in the School of Information Studies. The writing studies department has launched a range of new level courses. Tuesday, May 25,By Eileen Korey. Alford, Ph. Alford, who has been a member of the Syracuse University faculty for 25….

Koss traveled to Guatemala this year to meet the women who make the products sold by Enactus and their daughters, who receive scholarships through the profits raised by Enactus. Danagogo was born and raised in Port Harcourt, Nigeria, and came to the United States to pursue her interest in becoming a physician and a writer.

Tuesday, May 25,By News Staff. The selection process, managed by ESE, includes an application, recommendations, an essay and an interview.

She is also a founding member of the Spanish Club, in which she also served as secretary. Beyond her work in biology and the clinical field, Danagogo has also found a passion for service through her involvement activities. Now serving as vice president, Danagogo enjoys practicing aikido and is on the sixth kyu.

She also serves as an international student mentor through the Connections Program with the Center for International Services. The Senior Class Marshals not only lead the Commencement ceremony, they spend their senior year serving as representatives of their class at University events and on committees, as well as meet with senior leaders to share their experience.

Her current independent research focuses on the precise mechanisms of Cited2a transcriptional co-regulator that is expressed during a phase of neocortical development in the brain.

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I am excited to expose myself to new situations in which I can grow, interact with people who have more wisdom than me, and continue to affect change on a meaningful level. Danagogo also works with the Center for Learning and Student Success as a tutor providing academic support to other students.

These introductory classes offer opportunities for students across Syracuse University to take up issues that matter to them and to use writing to effect change. In addition to her professional experience, Koss has been an active member of the campus community through her leadership roles. Seeing the impact of their collective effort on the lives of so many women, Koss says, was an amazing experience. Most importantly, I am excited to learn. A resounding theme throughout her time as a student is finding opportunities to meet people and make lasting change on campus and beyond.

Peer to peer learning model is gaining traction according to new study at syracuse university

Much like all of her experiences at Syracuse University over the last three years, Danagogo looks forward to how her involvement and growth will evolve next year by taking on a new role as Senior Class Marshal. While they are…. She is the event coordinator for the Food Recovery Network, planning and organizing events to increase awareness of food waste on college campuses and raising funds for local shelters.

Wednesday, May 26,By News Staff. Through this research, Danagogo hopes to increase the knowledge surrounding development of the neocortex, which could act as the basis of a possible medical model for understanding and rescuing phenotypes of related neurodevelopmental disorders. Among her many involvement activities, Danagogo also found a new passion through the aikido sport club.

A prestigious honor for two seniors, Senior Class Marshals exemplify academic achievement, campus and community involvement, and Orange spirit. Reflecting on all her student organization experiences, Koss says one of the most memorable has been through her work with Enactus, a student-run organization that aims to create long-lasting economic, social and environmental improvements by assisting and empowering partners through entrepreneurship and service.

In this role, she assists first-year and transfer international students with adjusting to life at Syracuse University and connecting with relevant resources.

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She has worked with Crouse Hospital, first serving as a medical imaging patient care aide and now as a medical and surgical unit patient care aid. Her role in helping younger students is also exemplified as a Whitman Ambassador, for which she helps prospective and incoming students learn about Whitman and the Syracuse University experience. Subscribe to SU Today If you need help with your subscription, contact sunews syr.

A rising senior in the College of Arts and Sciences, Danagogo is majoring in biology and minoring in English and textual studies. The new law student representative and staff representative will the existing….

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Author Shannon Andre. At Syracuse University, Danagogo feels that she has lived the best of both worlds by being able to gain the necessary scientific skills to provide care for those in need while also learning about literature and creative writing. Building on her studies in finance and supply chain management, Koss has held two internships so far during her time at Syracuse University. First, as a service partner with Paychex Inc. These experiences have helped her build professional skills in customer experience, financial walk-throughs and financial data analysis.

If you need help with your subscription, contact sunews syr. This summer, she is working with Crowe in their financial services consulting group, continuing to build on her business and technology background.

Koss currently serves as one of the Honors Learning Community resident advisors through the Office of Student Living, providing 65 first-year students with support, assisting them in acclimating to University life and building community and connections.