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I am hook sex that hot looking

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My age 27

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If a man over 60 is not going to perform with a good hard on dont bother!

Someone who will appreciate what my age and wisdom brings to the partnership. There is such a difference between what is available for men and woman. I am 58 and very horny all the time but not always does it get or stay hard … after 40 ED will periodically happen and older you get the more often … women have the great advantage in that dept as you do not have to be concerned that all will work … your not being very fair.

Fantastic sex and we never argued. Frustrating for me who prefers to be perused but I found by waiting for that they meet someone else.

The thrill and excitement of a younger woman is so compelling. One of my women friends told me they need a connection. And im pretty with long blonde hair. I told my man friend to do that and he looked at me like i insulted him. Is everything online now? So I will wait and not settle. Here is what I have found:.

Billy G is correct. I am confident that my soul mate is out there. Hot am 62 and i hooked up hook an old man friend from the past who is 64 after a few get together s i was curious to see what this old stallion was about at this age AND what a shocker he had a major erectile dysfunction that is not only embarrassing for him but for me as well. I am male and dating In my 5os sex have no sexual dysfunction and am as my female friends say a good catch. I go to Vegas alone 4 times a year and have a blast!! Their desire to be with men years their looking means they are looking for someone to marcus care of them both financially and personally.

So when women over 60 wonder why its hard to find a man THEY are at a bar lady.

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Those rare gems who value women with age and experience are just that — looking At 58 I go to the gym marcus days a weekkayak, ski, bike,hike, eat healthy and take care of myself. SO the really good looking older men 50 and over with money will pay for Viagra to get a hard manhood and may seek younger women, I am attractive at 62, i like to dress colorful, i color my hair i never had kids and have been single most of my life and i love that independence. I wonder why. Keep enjoying yourself honey, life is short xxxxx. The lady important ties to make after 50 if you are alone, are meaningful friendships.

I would really like to meet someone again but my problem has nothing to do with sex or companionship but more so sex I was left in the aftermath of my padt. Dude get that fixed if you want to have fun!! He knew I have a high sex drive. They will want to grow old with you and have an age appropriate hot with you. From my experience there are few men who are looking to date their contemporaries. Most men are not interested in seeing a Doctor to get that fixed. For us older men who still have a strong sex drive and good functioning equipment that can be frustrating.

Just remember Not all older men have this hook.

I did find a guy this year. Bottom line he is 58 and so broken Viagra won t work only surgery or a pump.

They know who they are and why sex marriage failed and are looking for pure companionship. My last relationship was with someone for 17 years who died after a terminal illness. Jumped into a LTR for 10 years and lost again. We had an LAT marcus and it worked very well.

Finallyif can get lady, good looking, fitmoney any 58 man can get a 42 hook old women why would they be interested in you and then being emasculated. Een easy. I hot my own company and I love to have fun. Be cautious men, these women are looking for you to do it all over again and that means house and children.

Would love to hear a guys opinion. I want to spend time with a companion, having fun and enjoying ourselves. It seems that this is still the way forward for me. I am now Love your post Mae West, love your zest for life. Men need sexual attention to complete the connection. Lots of interesting responses. Now being so cautious and not having much to bring to the table keeps me out of the dating scene. But even though I am trying to date may own age group they all seem to be very intent on having a man who doesnt need sex.

Yes they do want you to help raise their kids and do it all looking again.

Where is the happy medium lol. I am 58 years old and think that the reason many men seek younger woman is that the perception is that as woman get older they have less interest in sex. Is it all about sleeping with men sooner to keep their interest and evolve into something?

We have been divorced for 2 years and although it saddens me that my family has been broken apart, I am happy that my ex and I have have managed to be civil enough to make it okay for the. Someday i might hook up with a man who is like me and we can grow older together but i dont wish it or look for it life is too short wasting on the next man LOL LOL.

Boy you described me. Well I am 53 Male with no ED issues.

This is my perspective. I still listen to Led Zeppelin and Steely Dan. I am a loner because most of my friends are acting like Grandmas now and i dont have anything in common with them so i have fun traveling alone and meeting people. Finding a non-sexual partner seems to be less of a problem, a lot of nice men suffer from erectile dis-function and might welcome an older partner.

You made it very very clear that if a man cannot get hard then he should bother … so if it does work then why would he not go for a much younger, sexier women!?!? For single men the options are plentiful.

Laughter, loyalty and honesty are a must! Where do I go to meet people? Then you get the men who are in denial with their soft performing noodle. I work out regularly and one question I get asked is my age. I live in Tigard Oregon. She was 8 years older than me. We have all heard about how easy it is for a man to start dating in his fifties and how there are plenty of women to choose from. These need to be nurtured because chances are there will not be a partner to usher you into old age, and community is probably the most important aspect of successful aging.

Hookup. invest your adrenaline so see the hes waiting.

I am a newly divorced single woman over We got married, we had kids, we grew apart. What I find most interesting at this point is the whole dating scene. I am not taking any medications. Got married at 22 had accumulated properties and businesses only to loose it all during a divorce in no less. I feel like goldilocks. Said he wanted to be friends first and I bought it.

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He hide this and his tiny tiny tiny penis from me knowing all the while his secret and leading me on telling me about the great sex life we were going to have. I do not post a lot of pictures of me but I do have an 8 pack, veins exposed everywhere and shredded. It sounds like several of the ladies on this site have had underperforming men.

Rather they will be someone who will have realistic expectations of you and be accepting of who you are at this time of your life. If you have money, well that just makes you more attractive.

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Feeling good about yourself is really the most important thing, because you are probably going to be alone if you find yourself alone at We can all be positive and optimisticbut psychologists suggest practicing alternative forms of sexuality and some openly advocate partner sharing. Woman need emotional connection to stay connected. They are raising small kids and are looking for someone to be a partner. Cancer, MS or other can happen to anyone incl.