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Do you want to learn how to host a website? Self-hosted website builders like WordPress offer you full freedom to build any kind of website. Many even believe that it requires special technical skills to host their own websites. If you choose the right approach, then you can easily host your own website within just a few minutes. In most cases, it is just as easy as creating a facebook. We will also explain how it all works behind the scenes.

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Some are partnering with influencers off of Twitch or Instagram. But a rotating cast of Nordstrom executives, including its own fashion and jewelry buyers, introduce each speaker.

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Because livestream shopping is still so new, partnering with influencers seems to be the most common strategy. Klarna, like much of the retail world inis pouring ificant amounts of investment into livestream shopping. While outside brands can have their own employees lead streams on the ShopShops platform, ShopShops also offers a team of internal livestream hosts to brands.

Adi Ronen, CEO of Buywith, said that she is trying to provide scale to retailers and brands that are interested in investing in livestream shopping. The growth of livestream shopping has spurred demand for more than just potential hosts. Others are hiring new employees or contractors who specialize in livestream hosting. Amazon Live includes a counter indicating how many viewers are tuning in during each livestream.

A successful livestream host, she said, does more than stage a nice shot. To staff those official streams, Amazon over the past year has hired close to a dozen on-air hosts who show up on camera and interact with audiences. The company is planning a forthcoming livestream with an outside creator, and it is also looking inward for future hosts.

In China, working as a livestream shopping host is an increasingly common gig. Now, in the U. That has, in turn, giving rise to a new category of retail professional: livestream shopping host. Even Amazon, which boasts one of the most highly trafficked websites in the world, only sees at most viewership in the high three figures for its shoppable livestreams, he said. For example, across its storesthe Italian fashion brand Motivi tasks its sales associates with livestreaming products directly on its website.

If livestream shopping does soon catch on in the U. The future, she said, may look much more spontaneous than what many retailers and retail brands in the U. Get news and analysis about fashion, luxury and technology delivered to your inbox every morning.

1. determine the primary purpose of your website.

Other retail and e-commerce brands are circling the same idea. MAY 25, ShopShops offers a similar service.

A new career track There is currently a mad dash for livestream content, and the biggest names in retail are on the hunt. Nordstrom, which created a livestream shopping platform in March, features events with outside experts who come in and host streams.

A of agencies have popped up to supply retailers with livestream-native influencers at scale. Buywith recruits potential streamers who are active on IG Live or YouTube, and they do rehearsals to prepare their influencers for livestream shopping hosting.

They have to know the products intimately, and they have to be able to interact with commenters — sometimes for hours at a time — in order to keep a session engaging. Sales associates become livestream hosts While some brands seek out influencer talent, others source from within. While only some influencers are able to earn a full-time salary exclusively from hosting shopping streams — about Sourcing livestream hosts is more complicated than just throwing someone with a bunch of Instagram followers in front of the camera.

One is the startup Buywithwhich in May is launching a marketplace that connects brands with influencers who are well-versed in livestream shopping. One reason that influencers are popular hosts, he pointed out, is that they bring a following. Daniel Martin, global director of artistry and education at beauty brand Tatcha, hosts weekly streams on the livestream shopping platform Newness.

Many companies are also increasingly seeking out physical spaces — either in their own stores or offices, or in other locations entirely — where they can stage their streams.

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She said she is paid as a contractor, and she earns a blanket fee — rather than a cut of commission — on each sale. Associates highlight new products and engage with shoppers over chat; for these sales associates, livestreaming is just another piece of their job description.

This story was originally published in Modern Retailour sibling publication.

In February, the company launched a campaign to hire its next livestream host, asking participants to submit videos showing how they would sell a plain white t-shirt. And many more are tapping their own employees, from executives to sales associates, to staff their streams.

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In addition to Martin, the company is tapping interested members of its field team to host future streams. It currently boasts around available hosts globally. Elsewhere, executives also make appearances on livestreams. One Amazon Live host, Katie Sands, was an Instagram influencer and fashion blogger before ing on to work with the company.