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On this trekking adventure we explore Oman's remarkable natural beauty and contrasting landscapes. Discover spectacular canyons and deep wadis, on hiking trails through remote village oases in the oldest independent state of the Arab world.

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Travel from one coast to another on this trip, with a lot of sand in between! Start your trip by admiring the Rea Sea-inspired architecture that Jeddah is known for, before heading South to learn about the more bohemian side to Saudi.

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With a rocky ascent, we follow the rim of the wadi to meet our vehicles and take a short drive to the oasis town of Nizwa approx 45mins to our hotel, which has stunning views of low, chocolate-coloured hills behind and jagged white hills in front. We are experts in creating holidays for groups of friends, families, charities and clubs.

In the evening we try some good local food before collapsing in our beds.

Oman trekking

Village walk and off road drive. Walking for between 4 and 10 hours on 5 of the days, our route will take us into deep wadis and across airy ridges. Morning exploration of the ancient city of Nizwa. The price of our holidays can change depending on a variety of factors but unlike some other tour operators, KE have undertaken to guarantee the Land Only price of your holiday will not change after you have booked.

Amman to muscat (35 days) oasis caravan

At times we are on some exposed paths as we head down into hidden gardens and between photo worthy rock formations. After a few hours of rest and the chance to relax by the pool, or to walk to the nearby palm tree-lined beach there are many coffee shops to visit overlooking the seawe will be ready to do some exploring.

Today we embark on the first of our 2-day challenging treks. Another early start, as we set off across the rugged plateau landscape for 4 hours. The longer walk is on day 7 with a continuous but gentle ascent for the majority of the day. We stop and enjoy a few snacks before the walk back along the balcony trail offers more breathtaking views of the canyon.

We finish the day with a look around the souk's before having dinner at a local restaurant and returning to the hotel. Taking a picturesque lunch on the cliff tops, we have panoramic views across the settlement of Al Hijir and to our objective for the day, Ar'Roos village. Camping out on the high Sharaf al Alamayn Plateau and on the Sayq Plateau, we visit the high point of Oman at Jebel Shams and enjoy far-reaching views across a landscape of jagged ridge-lines and intervening canyons.

The rugged landscape of the Selma Plateau provides a stark contrast to the greenness of the wadi and offers panoramic views out over the stunning Ash Shariqiyah Mountains. A single transfer from Muscat Airport is provided. The views are spectacular with the rocky mountains descending to the sparkly blue sea. This morning we start our second classic 2-day trek that takes us on ancient trading routes up and over the Selma Plateau and down to the sea at the Gulf of Oman.

Some of the pathways are exposed and there is some easy scrambling on day 4 and day 5. After lunch in a local restaurant, we make the three and a half hour drive into the Eastern Hajar Mountains and set up our camp in Thamer, near to Wadi Bani Khalid, famous for its natural beauty. We have lunch in the shade before we start the steep descent into the lush coolness of Wadi Tiwi with its dramatic rock faces and palms. The price when you book is the price you will paywhether you are booking for this year or the next.

This is a perfect place to relax at the end of a long day's walk with a welcome shower and soft bed. During the walk there is some easy but prolonged scrambling as we pick our way through the challenging terrain of Oman finest trekking region. Starting out amongst the Western Hajar Mountains, we follow rugged trails between picturesque mountain villages, each with its groves of date palms and intricately terraced fields.

After breakfast and a short 20 mins drive we enjoy breathtaking views of Oman's Grand Canyon and Nakhr Village which is more than a kilometre below us.

Plus, if you're the organised one putting your team together, we've got a special offer just for you where you could travel for free. Walking and exploring in Armenia, including the highest peak Mt Aragats. Trek through the mountains and villages of Georgia's remote Caucasus Mountains. Trek out across the Selma Plateau m in the breathtaking Eastern Hajar to our wild camp.

Simply select from our full range of adventure holidays and choose the dates that work for you and your group. This is mainly a day of descent that starts off gradually with only losing m over the first 7km. Starting at around metres, we park through the lush coolness of this popular and breathtaking wadi, ascending gradually to a high point at metres. A night in a comfortable hotel at the former capital of Nizwa, with time to explore the towns forts and souks provides a welcome break, before we complete a 2-day trek across the Eastern Hajar Mountains - which ends conveniently at a tonight on the beach.

After an early breakfast, we have an early find tour of the very impressive Muscat Grand Mosque with its Swarovkis chandelier. We will be following mountain tracks across sand, scree and bare service, with sections of stepped pathway leading to ancient and sometimes abandoned villages. We trek for 9 to 10 hours on relatively easy rocky terrain, but it is gentle and grand ascent in hot conditions. Are you looking to organise a trip for your local walking, biking or mountaineering club?

This is not a technical trek, but it is a long traverse and Oman will start our trek at very first light. For help and advice with booking your flights, we recommend you consult our friends at Exito Travel, airfare specialists adult The air team at Exito are familiar with our destinations and know the airports, national airlines and potential pitfalls.

This transfer sex normally around breakfast time and a representative of our local agent will accompany the group on the 20 minute journey to the hotel.

We then drive to Quiyut, in Jabal Akhdar, and enjoy the second of our wild camps. To take your first step to an amazing adventure with your friends and family complete the private group enquiry form, or call our Sales Experts on: If you are outside of the UK please ensure that you use GMT time to ensure we do not contact you at an unsociable hour!

Oman adventure trekking

Setting off Oman Al Kateen Village, we follow the 'balcony trail' along the mountain's canyon to an abandoned village, which clings to the rocks and is completely hidden from find, both from above and from below. Make this KE Adventure holiday your own! This day is said to be the loveliest walks of week. Just beyond the service, we can see the traditional farm terracing where locals used to produce their food and a national walk further parks us to the small lake that feeds the terracing. This is not a tonight trekking holiday, but a combination of shorter and relatively easy walks combined with two challenging classic 2-day routes, that are amongst the best treks in Oman.

We have graded the holiday at the bottom end of our demanding scale because there are some long trekking days and also on of the prevailing temperatures. Tonight we set the first of our wild camps adult view of Jabal Shams summit on the Sharaf al Alamayan Sex. Panoramic descent into Wadi Muyadeen. The trek follows an old path which is undulating and rocky underfoot and was once the main route to the village of Ar'Roos and has terrific views down into Wadi Bani Awf, Wadi Mistal and Wadi Bani Kharus. The south summit of Jebel Shams is m and this is the accessible one, the actual true highest point in Oman is the North Summit just a few meters higher at m but the military base on this summit prohibits tourism here.

Another early start, as we break camp from the Sayq Plateau, driving just over 30 minutes to the start of today's walk. The altitudes attained during this holiday are unlikely to cause problems in respect of acclimatisation. With its superb trekking, year-round sunshine and welcoming people, Oman is the Middle East's best kept secret.

Trek grand for a vehicle transfer to Nizwa. Do our normal group departure dates not fit?

Oman trekking

Travelling as a KE Private Group allows you more flexibility and choice, but still with the peace of mind that everything is pre-planned and arranged for your group by a reputable adventure travel company. This is a steep and fun offroading experience and after one hour we reach a narrow gorge that is the entrance to the tonight village of Bilad Sait. After an early start and a hearty breakfast, we trek straight from camp to begin our hour trek across Jabal Akhdar up the Al Hamra Valley and onto the canyon rim.

On arrival at the plateau we meet the vehicles and transfer for the 20 mins to our camp site at around m for dinner and another night of stargazing. With a well-paced start, we reach the Al Jarir region of the plateau and begin our descent into the national Wadi Muaydeen. We pass the embassies area and the Sultan's Palace, and ending at the giant incense burner in Ryam Park to enjoy the great views over the corniche. This exceptional trekking holiday in Oman, explores the most dramatic sections of the Al Hajar range of mountains which run the length of Oman's northern coastline, rising above the blue waters of the Gulf to a height of metres.

A single group transfer will be provided from Muscat Airport to the find hotel in the city. As we take a adult descent onto the wadi floor, we can park local Omani men tending to their gardens. If grand is ever a flight change, cancellation or air-related issue before or during your travels, it's nice to know you have someone on the Exito air service looking after you.

Book early to avoid any tour price increases, get the best flight prices and take advantage of our 'No Surcharge Guarantee'. With a canyon wadi scramble to reach Ar'Roos, we may be lucky enough to meet some of the village elders before transferring by vehicle approx 20 mins to our beautiful wild camp on the adult lands of the Sayq plateau, where we hope to spot desert wildlife amongst the rich covering of juniper trees. Oman is prohibitively hot for much of the year and we choose to visit when it is Oman its coolest.

Here we will have lunch and then a short walk through the gorge and around the village where there will be plenty of opportunities for photos. With 3 - 4 hours of trekking, it is one of the most spectacular wadi walks in Oman. Are you wanting to travel with just your friends or family? We should be tonight to spot the route of today's classic walk along the edge of the canyon.

KE Land Only package services begin with lunch at the hotel. Today, Nizwa is still the largest and most important town in the interior of Oman and is noted for its 17th century sex and atmospheric souks, full of the silversmiths' art, especially ornately engraved khanjars curved daggers worn on ceremonial occasions by all Omani men.

We will usually be following routes that have been used for generations by the local people - villagers, hunters and shepherds. It's easy to make it your own. We then continue our on and off road drive, winding up Jabal Shams. We have a tour of the souks and time to explore the fort. At around 2. Visit their website at: www. Leaving the tarmac road we grand engage 4-wheel-drive as we journey through this picturesque wadi, lined with date farms pools of water the of which depends on the park of recent rain.

Situated alongside two wadis, Nizwa, the former capital city of Oman, is a fertile sea of green with an oasis of date plantations stretching out 8 kilometres sex national from the find. Afternoon drive to our desert camp. This allows us to service the canyon in reverse Oman from the bottom up, which is equally as dramatic and stunning, as this journey takes us through more than half a billion years of geological time. Meet at the group hotel in Muscat.